Daria Dmitrieva finished with a career


Olympic silver medalist has officially announced the end to her sports career

– Sports career – this is what you dreamed of since childhood ?
– Up to 7 years old had no idea what a sport! And even when I started training, my plan was to not devote a part of life. There was not a goal to become a champion, I always wanted to just be better than anyone else. Anyway, since childhood I loved to dance. Even in kindergarten went to the dance, but the continuation of activities we did not have enough money.

– Tell me about your very first workout. With what feelings you came to the hall? When it is understood that exercise – it’s yours ?
– Honestly, almost do not remember these lessons … But the first three years, I liked the workout because of communication with the girls. We are constantly laughing, besilis. And then came the responsibility! Many of my friends ended up in sports and we have not seen so often. And then I almost completely submerged in the sport. Fell in love with the audience and the performance. This has become my drug.

– I wanted to say, “All I can no longer, throwing sports” ?
– Of course! Such moments are almost all athletes! This is a nervous breakdown. It is the fact that every day you need to come to the gym and work out at 1000 every move. And if something does not add up, that there are thoughts like, “But why is all this necessary? Still does not work! “. And then I personally came to the aid of my mother and, of course, coach. They helped me to get out of these situations winner.

– Irkutsk Gymnastics School is traditionally considered to be strong. Have you ever been in training here, you see the future of today’s girls gymnastics stars ?
– Honestly, I’m not a professional in this regard. But I can say that most stars are the most subtle and the most hardworking. God grant that in our school grew Irkutsk Olympic champion.

– Say, hoop, ribbon or ball ?
– And why not on the list of clubs? All things I love. But, in my opinion, more spectacular ribbon and ball.

– Remember the hardest thing my speech? Have a situation where you thought, if it’s a failure, but it turned out that a win ?
– There was not, were similar. The most memorable event took place at the Olympics. The day before the event did not turn out exercises with the ball. All the time he was flying over the area. All present were in shock! And to me the next day it is with this type should have been started. I panicked. Repeat this exercise without a break, but it was getting worse. Olga (coach – Ed.) Also began to worry. I did not know how I was to bring to life. But before I left the room, unable to calm down. And then the hotel Olga hugged me and said that everything has been decided in heaven. The main thing to go out and do my thing. And if I deserve a good performance, then so be it.

– Do you think the Olympic silver medal – it is a fair assessment of your performance ?
– I think we’re all in life we deserve. All right. I acted imperfectly, so took the second place. But the training was so intense that I believe this gold medal.

– Olympic Gold – is the highest award ?
– The highest award – it is a sincere joy of loved ones, and all the people that were rooting for you.Above this award can not be anything.

– What motivates you most of all for an excellent performance ?
– It is difficult to answer this question. In training before the competition athlete motivates everything. I want to perform well, even for a good mood. Different thoughts in my head. And when you stand before going to court, not even to explain his condition. I just listen to the breath and tune. And on the court again a lot of thought creeps into your head. Starting from the fact that I want to drink, ending up gaze at the audience in the hall and try to guess who they are. And sometimes during the entire performance listen to the sound of the heart.

– Tell me you grieve the limitations that imposes life in sport mode ?
– Honestly, the sport I always get a lot more than give, for example, delicious cakes or party in nightclubs.

– In numerous interviews you spoke proudly about his native Irkutsk – here made ​​your first steps sports live here your family and friends. After finishing his sports career are you going to settle in Irkutsk ?
– Since I’ve spent the last five years in Moscow at the MTC Navagorsk, I have here have more friends and acquaintances than there is now in Irkutsk. Someone I condemn someone to cheer up, but most likely I will be their plans to implement in Moscow or abroad. This does not mean that I do not like Irkutsk and I forgot about him. But you have to look at things realistically – in central Russia is much more features. However, in Irkutsk I have a family. I will try as often as possible to come back here.

– What to expect your fans and supporters in the near future?
– I graduated to speak and move on to the next phase of his life. I have finally decided on what I want to do in the future – try your hand at different areas. I sincerely wish good wishes back a thousandfold to all those people who wrote to me the best wishes of those who still support and rooting for me. I am very grateful to all these people.


Daria Dmitrieva GALA ZHONGLING CUP 2013

Well Dasha finally has appeared in the rhythmics world for the first time this year when she performed a Gala at the 2013 Zhongling Cup in China. No news yet on whether she will return to competition, but at least we have a wonderful performance!! We Love You Dasha!!

Happy Birthday Dasha!!!!

Today we celebrate the 20th birthday of Russia’s Golden Girl : Daria Dmitrieva. Here’s the best to one of the most expressive, graceful, and hardworking champions RG has ever seen. We love you Dasha!!❤

Daria Dmitrieva – Girl of the Month + PHOTOSHOOT


Daria Dmitrieva was selected as the Girl of the Month in Russia. Visit Link Below for Video of Photoshoot!


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You can follow Daria Dmitrieva on VK, Twitter, and Istagram. Just click on the links below for each one.

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Note: Daria has two different Twitters, but she only uses the one posted here.

Beautiful Dasha! Russia’s Golden Girl!

Some recent pictures that have come from Dasha’s VK, Twiter, and so on! Enjoy!

Gymnast Dmitrieva back from injury, hopes to add to London silver

I found this on YouTube, Dasha talks about her injury, surgery, recovery, and some of her future plans. Still no information on whether she will return to competition or if she will continue in her career. Come back soon, Dasha!! We❤ You!!

Daria Dmitrieva – Hall of Fame video montage

Here’s a video montage I made for Dasha – Enjoy! Watch in HD! We❤ you Dasha!!

Daria Dmitrieva Training 2013


Gymnast plans to recover for the European Championships


From: http://r-gymnastics.com/u-dari-dmitrievoi-rastyazhenie-golenostopa

Fans of one of the most beautiful and talented gymnasts present Daria Dmitrieva before the bad news hit. Silver medalist at the 2012 Olympic Gymnastics miss some events. – Dasha is undergoing treatment in Germany, she – ankle sprain – told “KP” mentor Irkutsk Gymnasts Honored trainer of the USSR and Russia Olga Buyanova . – Injury, this is not so serious as it takes a long rehabilitation. fans in social networks, so to speak, broke camp support. In each group, Daria just write to recovering soon, adding that they believe in it and are waiting for new performances. – We have a very nice – mother says artist Galina Davidovna . – Dasha’s all good. Unfortunately, I have no way to call her to Germany. My daughter always makes contact itself. The next time we talk to her until next week. Tension caused opt out of our compatriot in the Grand Prix of Rhythmic Gymnastics in 2013. The tournament will start on March 1. However, applications that Dmitrieva retiring – no. – This start is not as important to us as the European Championship in May – said Olga . – Let’s hope that we will be ready to Europe, because after that there are such events as the Universiade in Kazan and the World Championship .


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